Making game consoles (and iPhones) can be dangerous

It’s not that the components or assembly is terribly hazardous, but in the last year 11 people have died at Foxconn, a manufacturing company out of China.  But like I said, they didn’t die for the making the consoles, they took their own lives

Nets hang from buildings at a Foxconn factory in China to deter suicide attempts

It’s been a growing trend at Foxconn for workers to throw them selves from the roof of the building.  Apparently workers are doing over 100 over time hours, and rarely speak to their co workers, or do much other than work.

Business Week just published an in depth look at the company and it’s is worth a look, if not a full read.

So why do companies like Apple and Sony still contract Foxconn to produce their hardware?  well maybe it’s due to the high demand of their products over on this side of the world.


Image lifted from Kotaku

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