If you’re looking to buy a PS3, don’t get it from Best Buy

You know why people don’t care to know more about video games? 1) there’s a bit of a stigma about knowing a lot about video games, 2) it’s embarrassing when you get jipped by game retailers they prey on your ignorance.  Like when you spent 50 bucks on a warranty that didn’t do anything, or when Best Buy charges you 30 bucks for installing free firmware updates.

A PS3 firmware update is basically an update to the console to keep up with new features provided by Sony.  It’s like when Windows installs updates to your computer when you turn your PC off. They’re similar in the sense that it’s free and all you need is an internet connection.  And Best Buy is charging you 30 bucks to do something that’s automatic when you turn it on for the first time.

They’ve since released a statement about the package and standing behind the bleief that people who buy a PS3 have no fucking idea about how to use it and their Geek squad is there to save the day.

While many gamers can handle firmware upgrades easily on their own, those customers who do want help can get it from Geek Squad, and we continue to evaluate this offering to ensure it meets their needs.  The service goes beyond a firmware updates, and includes user account setup, parental control setup and other components.

Keep in mind that everything they’re talking about there is free to set up yourself and any confusion can be solved with a quick Google search for the many step by step instructions on how to do the set up. And they’re all free.

It’s bad for the industry because it reinforces that idea that gamers are out to swindle unsuspecting buyers.  So stop screwing with your customers Best Buy, and stop acting like your customers are stupid.

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A 20-something living and working in Toronto with a life long passion for gaming
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