When gamers get real, fingers get broken

Ok, so I’m one of those people that believes violent video games don’t cause violence in the people who play them.  In most cases I find someone has to be predisposed to rash violence, and the games just set them off.  Kind of like when you lose at Warcraft III, and the kid who beat you gloats about the victory and it just sets you off.  I mean, I’ve been there, yelling at a screen in an empty room, throwing a controller when the game doesn’t swing your way.  But some kids in Vancouver decided asking fora re-match wasn’t good enough.  Instead they felt the appropriate action was apparently to track the kid down during the lunch hour and, I’m not making this up, made the kid “Kiss their shoes” and then beat the shit out of him with batons and break his fingers.

At least the cops were mindful to note how rare something like this is,

“It’s something that is exceptionally rare, given the number of people who play video games,” Houghton said. “Most people can separate reality from online fiction.”

Which brings me to my original point, some people just can’t let things go, and it’s not the game’s fault here, some kids just can’t deal with normal social scenarios like defeat. The rest of the article up there goes on about some interesting legal cases in China that blur the line between the real and virtual world.

Sometimes you just need to hear yourself yelling at a computer screen when you’re all by your self to realize how silly you sound.  Unfortunately for all the kids involved in this, they’ll have some long lasting reminders of how stupid they are.

Story from the Vancouver Sun via Kotaku

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