PC Gaming, not Dead, so stop asking

It seems like this story is cyclical, but I keep hearing the same old question, is PC gaming Dead?

For my money I’d say no, given the mass audience of PC users, the new realm of social network games and the culture of developers and modders that are committed to the PC I’d say it’s pretty safe from disappearing over night.

That said, PC gaming is most definitely changing and that’s no surprise.  Given how consoles have finally caught up to the processing and graphical finesse of PC’s it certainly makes sense that the console industry has exploded over the past decade.  I mean you never have to upgrade your console like you do a PC, you don’t have to wait to install a game, and you can play with your friends, in the same room, from the same machine.

But the PC definitely has it’s place, it’s like the newspaper of the gaming world, despite what people may think, it isn’t going anywhere and it’s just in a transitional place where it needs to find it’s place in a rapidly changing industry.

For many, they see the future of PC gaming in “Free2play” gaming, that is, developers release a full game, or most of a full game for gamers to try then offer either micro transactions (buying new items or costumes for $0.99) or charging to unlock the full game. I mean it makes sense in the post iTunes world where customers are comfortable using their credit cards to buy entertainment off the internet. Will it pan out? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see how some of the most creative people on the planet find ways to make a living off their craft.

I grew up on PC gaming, and while I did jump ship to the console team many years ago, there are still some games I’d only play on a PC. RTS’s are the big one, I am pretty sour that I don’t have a powerful enough rig to handle Star Craft II. But when I think about it, I love PC gaming more for cheap time killers, free to play games that help me pass a few minutes. And there’s nothing wrong with that, not like how there’s something seriously wrong with paying money to play tetris on my xbox, that’s something I just couldn’t see my self doing, ever.

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One Response to PC Gaming, not Dead, so stop asking

  1. azeuron says:

    Couldn’t agree more… There’s also the ease and availability of Emulated games from older consoles (NES, SEGA, etc) that I, for one, still love to play. Maybe I’m just a little nostalgic but I can never get tired of playing some games from my childhood… It’s not quite the same but it’s as close as you can get without searching Ebay for a hard to find ancient console and spending 3 times what it was originally worth and hoping it worked…

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