Remember when it was just ill-adjusted teenagers who killed each other over video games

It’s always awful when you hear about a mother taking her child’s life, but there’s something that makes it sound so pathetic when video games factor into the situation.

Now I’ve said on this blog numerous times that I don’t think violent video games cause violence in the players, but I guess I’ve never considered how non violent games can cause violence.  You know, like when you baby won’t stop crying when all you want to do is play Farmville. So to make him stop you shake him repeatedly.

I’ve never played Farmville, but I have heard how addictive it is, and how Farmville, along with the games like it developed by Zynga, have been described as true hardcore games.

But while I can’t denounce the game, becuase I haven’t played it, I can say this, Farmville made a mother kill her child. And I’m gunna bring that up anytime someone tells me I shouldn’t play Halo.  Fuck Farmville

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A 20-something living and working in Toronto with a life long passion for gaming
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