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How to Do a Sequel right

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is far and away the best of the series, but it is also one of the best sequels for any game franchise. it’s a one year turn around that doesn’t feel like a cheap cash-in Continue reading

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Gamers looking for love find many people in common. Too bad they’re all dudes

I don’t like the stereotype that all gamers are lonely virgins who can’t talk to girls. I try to let people know that gamers are like any other kind of dedicated fan, be it sports, fashion or movies. Continue reading

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Brand New Call of Duty, feels like the old Call of Duty

I’ve spent a lot of time with Modern Warfare 2, the multiplayer sucked a whole lot of hours out of my life when I could have been working on my thesis project. But with the franchise pumping out a game every year I just know what to expect now. Continue reading

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Want to understand California‚Äôs Violent video game controversey? Watch this video.

G4’s Adam Sessler goes to the Supreme Court to talk to a Lawyer for the Entertainment Merchants Association (they’re the defendants) about their position on how ridiculous the execution of this law would be if it is indeed passed. Take … Continue reading

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A decade of gaming has a lot of new faces, but few Japanese ones

Japan, once the centre of the universe for everything gaming, has been almost completely left out of Game Informer’s retrospective cover for the last ten years. Is it true that Japan has finally lost it’s spot as the centre of gaming to the West? Continue reading

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Gamers come in all shape and sizes, and degrees of gangsterness

If you thought pokemon black and white wasn’t all that good, this kind gentleman would like you to know that them pokemon are off the fuckin’ chain I love how you can instantly tell that this man doesn’t fuck around … Continue reading

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What’s more important? Reviews, hype or gameplay?

EA announced that since it’s early October release, Medal of Honor has sold more than 2 million copies. Now, that was a month ago, so it’s not like a movie where it can make most of it’s money in the first weekend and survive, this game sold two million copies even after mediocre reviews, with the main complaint that the single-player was boring and unpolished. Continue reading

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