Gamers looking for love find many people in common. Too bad they’re all dudes

I don’t like the stereotype that all gamers are lonely virgins who can’t talk to girls. I try to let people know that gamers are like any other kind of dedicated fan, be it sports, fashion or movies.

But then I come across a story like this, and it makes me a little sad.  At the end of November this year, there’s a dating event being held just outside Tokyo, and it’s for gamers.  Traditionally, these things pick 40 people of both genders and set them up in a speed dating like scenario.  But since this one is geared towards gamers, there were a lot more than 40 single guys looking for love.

More Women too, 115 apparently have registered for the event, but they’re going to me a little out numbered by the 386 guys who have trouble with the ladies.

At least I can rest easy knowing that it’s going on in Japan and not around here.  Oh wait, it is already over here, it’s called ComicCon

story from MANTANWEB via Kotaku

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A 20-something living and working in Toronto with a life long passion for gaming
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