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Video game DO kill people, just not in the way you think

One part of the world that supplies the minerals that are essential to our high tech devices is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also know as the rape capital of the world, and the centre of the biggest, bloodiest war since WWII. Continue reading

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Well, ain’t that a bitch

After sinking 120 hours into Mass Effect 2, to say it’s a bit of an understatement to say that I was disappointed when I lost it all. I’m still not sure why, but now it’s all gone. I did have a power outage recently that could have wiped the flash drive (It went from having 2 gigs of free space, to an un-configured, empty flash drive). Continue reading

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Australia might let you kill more people (In video games)

Maybe all that warm weather has melted the cold hearts of Australia’s government, or maybe it just thawed them out of the Ice Age when it comes to video games. Right now, any game rated over MA15+ is banned from sale in the country. So basically every game over here that rated Mature (17+) either needs some editing or “localizing” for Australia before it can be sold. The government is just now opening up to the idea of adding an 18+ rating to their game classification board. Continue reading

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