What gets your Heart pumping?

It’s always cool when some takes their passion for science and applies to everyday life. It’s even cooler when they apply it to Halo (Ok, so maybe it’s open to debate if that counts as “cooler”). But a dude posted this on reddit. He tracked his heart rate during a 6 minute game of Halo: Reach and charted the results on a sweet looking graph.

What surprised me the most was not how high his heart rate got, but how much it drops when he died, or even when he armor locked (it makes him invincible for a few seconds). I’ve always noticed my heart seemingly beating in my throat during intense games, but I never noticed how heart rate would be affected when my character dies.

Now if only this could count this as exercise…..man I would be jacked.

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A 20-something living and working in Toronto with a life long passion for gaming
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