Gaming Bravado isn’t an oxymoron (But it is just as lame)

Over on Kotaku Leigh Alexander, Sexy Videogameland blogger and news director at Gamasutra, gets a few things off her chest when it comes to bragging rights for gamers.

She wrote a wicked article about the bogus boasts every gamer has broadcast throughout their gaming career. And while it’s a little harder to lie these days given that every achievement or unlock can be tracked online, just about every gamer who’s owned a console before this generation can attest to padding their resume.

I remember when Halo: Combat Evolved came out waaaaay back in 2001. I was known in my neighbourhood as the one kid no one could beat (Especially as oddball). So when I heard a friend of a friend would routinely play the campaign on the hardest difficulty on the hardest level, I knew I had to man up.

The only problem? That level was really hard. And halo would track to see if you had beaten it on each difficulty setting, and I still hadn’t. So for a long time I told everyone I did, but always made sure to play Halo at their house lest anyone find out how much of a fraud I was.

Now a days, anyone could look up my gamertag and check to see which games I’ve beaten completely (Call of Duty 4, waddup!) and which ones I’ve given up on entirely (Fallout New Vegas, 1 achievement unlocked, oops).

Like Alexander says, it’s all silly, and we do it to fit in, or hold ourselves up in the crowd. And for a group of people who aren’t known for showing off physically, this is all we have left, so stop bugging us about it.

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