Wondering what the next big thing is?

The high tech industry has seen some truly incredible jumps in what’s possible over the last decade. With touch technology going from PC screen, into out pocket and on our table to 3D technology dominating Hollywood and invading our homes. With so many new advancements it makes you wonder just what will come next.

Well fear not, it looks like Microsoft has been hard at work creating a new frontier for interactive media. Microsoft’s research division has taken a look at both touch technology and 3D and wondered, what do we do next. The answer is to do away with the traditional methods of using touch and 3D.

The next big thing is touch technology you don’t have to touch. and 3D without the stupid glasses (although, presumably, the outrageous prices will remain).  And combining this technology with Microsoft already amazing (and so far, under utilized) Kinect sensor, the 3D effects can be tailored to specific people in the room.  For gamers, this could mean that your roommate’s days of screen watching are numbered.

Of course, the best part is, the coolest things this technology can do probably hasn’t even been thought up yet.  All we need now are some precognitant triplets and jet packs and we can officially declare we’re in the future.


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A 20-something living and working in Toronto with a life long passion for gaming
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