Kinect gets a new shooter, inevitable controversey

With E3 in full swing, all the heavy hitters of the industry are showing off their trump cards. So it can be easy to miss titles that offer something different and new. So maybe that’s why 505 games decided to get a big, recognizable name to help promote their new Kinect title Blackwater. Yes that Blackwater, the worldwide Mercenary group linked to killing civilians and some other pretty serious shit.

So it’s a little surprising to see 505 go after the Blackwater name, considering the company it’s named after has changed its name and tried to distance it self from its history. It’s almost certain to court controversy for the name alone, which is unfortunate given that the game it self has been sounds fun and fills a pretty big hole in the Kinect game library.

Drew Cohen of kotaku saw it at E3 and explains how you play a shooter with no controllers

Your movement through each environment is automated, and you’ll find yourself pausing before multiple props against which you can take cover. Stepping to the left will cause you to take cover behind the left-most surface; step to the right you’ll cover at the right-most surface. You use one of your arms to aim the cross hairs of your firearm. Instead of mapping a particular movement to the firing of your gun, the designers have opted to have your gun fire automatically when it hovers enough over an enemy target.”

It certainly sounds like it could work and since the only other shooter announced for Kinect is about a gunslinging puppet, 505 has an opportunity to carve out a new market for Kinect. With controversy almost certain and as Cohen points out, the story isn’t all that important, it begs the question of why even include the name? it could easily be a generic mercenary game, but like I said before, with all the big names in the industry showing off their stuff, it often takes a little something extra to make a name for your self.


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