Wii U is the future, discards it’s own past

This week Nintendo showed off it’s new system the Wii U. like it’s predecessor, it certainly is trying some new things. it’s Nintendo first HD system, and it’s controller has more features packed into it than your cell phone.

But one thing I was thinking about is that, other than the name and overall look, there aren’t very many similarities between the systems. The Wii touted a revolutionary new interface and play style to gaming, motion control. It also courted family and accessible games to the more mature blockbusters of this era.

What we’ve seen from the Wii U has been quite a bit different, showing off M rated games like Gearbox’s Aliens Colonial Marines and some impressive technical specs it seems like Nintendo is finally ready to join teh HD era.

Not to mention the Wii u’s controller, It includes two analog sticks, four trigger buttons, a front facing camera and a six inch touch screen. It offers a lot of possibilities for games, some of which are detailed by Kotaku here. But one thing missing from it all is what the Wii was famous for, motion gaming. Sure the Wii U has a gyroscope, but it seems like Nintendo has all but abandoned the core mechanics of their previous system.

It’s a little ironic considering Nintendo’s competitors have jumped on the motion gaming trend in hopes of stealing some of the Wii’s market, with varying degrees of success.

So it seems that after dominating motion control gaming, Nintendo has decided it can move on to the HD arena. Which leaves us with the question of the future of motion gaming. Both Microsoft and PlayStation have said they plan on another 5 years in this system cycle, thanks to their motion gaming systems.

It will be interesting to see what the Wii U can do, not just because it’s a new console, but becuase of that it means for the future of gaming, motion and otherwise


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