The Undead Rise (Agian) on Kinect

I’m certainly not the first person to say that the zombies video game has been done to death. I think I’ve killed more zombies in video games, spin offs and bonus levels over the past couple of years than Romero ever could have dreamed of. So it’s easy to think that the genre has done somehting the undead hordes would never do, get a little tired. So that’s why it’s more important than ever to do something new to keep zombie games alive (undead?).

Years ago the whole genre was shaken up thanks to 28 Days later introducing a new kind of zombie, and the gaming industry was quick to adopt it with games like Left 4 Dead. faster than you could groan “Braaaiiins” zombies were everywhere, in shopping malls, in Nazi bunkers, and even your backyard. Recently Dead Island got everyone’s survival instincts tingling with a fantastic trailer, and the game play shown has seemed to live up to the hype.

But just when you thought you’ve killed zombies in every imaginable way, Sega comes along with Rise of Nightmares. Brought to us by the publisher behind the classic “House of the Dead” series, Rise of Nightmares shakes things up by being a Kinect game. Not only that, but it also is one of the first kinect games to give the player freedom of movement without a controller.

You walk by putting your right foot forward, and rotating your shoulders takes care of turning. The real fun however, comes when you get a weapon and start hacking down undead monstrosities. metal pipe? swing that sucker back and forth, chainsaw? Hope you brought a raincoat. But best of all, shears, remember that scene in Zombie Land? well imagine doing that until your arms fall off (either becuase you’re tired, or you too have turned into a zombie).

It’s an awesome idea with a lot of potential, and like I’ve said before, the hardcore market is wide open for Kinect games right now. So here’s hoping Rise of Nightmares can provide a fresh experience that will reanimate both the zombie and motion gaming genres.


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