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The Undead Rise (Agian) on Kinect

I’m certainly not the first person to say that the zombies video game has been done to death. I think I’ve killed more zombies in video games, spin offs and bonus levels over the past couple of years than Romero … Continue reading

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Wii U is the future, discards it’s own past

This week Nintendo showed off it’s new system the Wii U. like it’s predecessor, it certainly is trying some new things. it’s Nintendo first HD system, and it’s controller has more features packed into it than your cell phone. But … Continue reading

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Kinect gets a new shooter, inevitable controversey

With E3 in full swing, all the heavy hitters of the industry are showing off their trump cards. So it can be easy to miss titles that offer something different and new. So maybe that’s why 505 games decided to … Continue reading

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Wondering what the next big thing is?

The high tech industry has seen some truly incredible jumps in what’s possible over the last decade. With touch technology going from PC screen, into out pocket and on our table to 3D technology dominating Hollywood and invading our homes. … Continue reading

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